About the Society:                                                                                                   

The Iranian society of Atherosclerosis was founded by efforts of a group of Cardiologists together with scientific and spiritual sponsorship of late Dr. Saye Hamid Mirkhany. The society has been registered officially in the Ministry of Health since …...

So far the society has worked toward  achieving  goals including  scientific improvement of cardiologists, helping vaster medical research and education in fields of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. We hope to improve public health in cooperation of all physicians, nurses, paramedics and specialists in other fields with the purpose of upgrading the team work among specialists. . Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis is proud to be equipped with the experience of holding scientific events including congresses, symposiums and seminars for more than twenty years. 



Goals and plans:

1‐ Making scientific, technical, research and educational communication among researchers, specialists and other experts in related fields who are dealing with cardiovascular cases .

2‐ Close cooperation with the ministry of health, universities, research and

educational planning centers.

3‐ Evaluation and reviewing educational and research programs and presenting necessary recommendations.

4‐ Providing educational, scientific and research services.

5‐ Supporting and encouragement of scientists, researchers and students toprogress  scientific, research and educational activities.

6‐ Publishing scientific and educational magazines and holding seminars and retraining, educational and research congresses.


Activities :

·     Holding scientific events including congresses, symposiums and seminars for more than twenty years.

·     Holding the annual “International congress of Cardiovascular Updates”

·     Updating latest news in cardiovascular field in IRSA’s website (www.iranathero.ir)

·     Updating latest news in cardiovascular field in IRSA’s Telegram channel  (@IRathero)

·     Translation, edition, subscription of educational material to be published in society’s website and telegram channel, newspapers and media.



Directors of Iranian Society of Atherosclearosis


Dr.Massoud Ghasemi

Dr.Massoud Ghasemi

Chairman of the Board

Dr.Masoud Eslami

Dr.Masoud Eslami

Head of Scientific Committee

Mojde Mazidi

Mojde Mazidi

Manager of the Research Department